Aluminum Multi-Purpose Scaffold Unit (Baker Style) - PSV-2002

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The Aluminum Multi-Purpose Scaffold Unit is one of the most popular single pieces of maintenance equipment in the world!

A complete Aluminum Multi-Purpose Scaffold Unit includes:
  • 2 units of Aluminum 29" Wide x 65" High Frames
  • 2 units of Aluminum Platform Trusses
  • 4 units of 5" Rubber Caster Wheels w/Brakes
  • 1 unit of Aluminum Plank
You just can't find a quicker, lighter, more cost-efficient way to get off the floor and up to the job.
Light, but strong the Aluminum Multi-Purpose Baker-Style Scaffold Unit is perfect for homeowners and for lightweight construction use.
Adjustable in 3" increments from 1'8" to 5'8", the platform height can be changed easily to achieve exactly the right working height for any job.
With 36" Out Riggers PSV-208 (only available in steel) a standing height of 18' is attainable with extra units.
Weight: 90 lbs.
Product Code: PSV-2002

The PSV-2003 is sold separately.
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