Set of 4 - 24" x 1-3/8" Screw Jacks w/Fixed Base Plate - PSV-134-4SET

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Stabilize Your Scaffolding with a Set of 24" x 1-3/8" Screw Jacks w/Fixed Base Plates

This package saves you $7.00
4 - Heavy Duty, Solid Steel Screw Jacks with a 5" x 5" Base Plate (a value of $63.00)
1-3/8" Screw Stem fits all 1-5/8" and 1-11/16" Scaffold Frames
5" x 5" Solid Base Plate is welded to the Screw Stem
The Base Plate has holes in each corner for securing (nailing) to Mud Sill
The Screw Jack w/Base Plate allows your Frame Set to be leveled on uneven surfaces
The Nut on the Screw Stem is High-Strength, Forged Steel for durability
Acme Threads are used on the Screw Stem.
Overall length of the Screw Stem is 24"
There is a Notch/Cut in the threads of the Screw Stem, 6" from the top, to prevent the Nut from coming off, and to keep the Screw Jack from being over-extended.
Provides up to 18" of adjustability
Galvanized to prevent/minimize rusting
Shipping Dimensions: 30" x 10" x 7"
Product Code: PSV-134-4set

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