15' Rolling Scaffold Tower - PSV-RT-15

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Whether you're looking for a portable scaffold kit for a construction project or something to help with masonry or painting, we've got you covered. Our scaffold towers are built with high-quality materials and come with built-in ladder frames, making it easy and safe to access every part of your building. With a maximum base to height ratio of 15', you'll be able to reach even the highest points with ease. We're proud to offer the best scaffolding products on the market, and our team is always available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you get the job done right. NOTE: Tower height refers to the approximate height of the platform, not the overall height of the unit.


Weight: 750 Lbs.
4 - PSV-481B8 - 5'x5' Double Ladder Scaffold Frames
2 - PSV-414B8 - 5'X4' Single Ladder Scaffold Frames
6 - PSV-303 - 7'x4' Cross Braces
8 - PSV-104 - Coupling Pins
8 - PSV-113 - Spring Clips
12 - PSV-112 - Toggle Pins
4 - PSV-503 - 7' Guard Rails
2 - PSV-525CC - Access Panels
3 - PSV-1100 - 7'x 19" Alum/Ply Decks
4 - PSV-150 - 8" Locking Casters
4 - PSV-111 - Span Pins
4 - PSV-130 - 28" x 1-3/8" Socket Jacks
1 - PSV-1200 - 5'x7' Diagonal Gooser
Shipping Dimensions: 80" x 64" x 19"
Product code: PSV-RT-15

Access the Platform on our Scaffold Towers with OSHA compliant Ladders.