6' x 7'6" Side Walk Canopy Scaffold Frame - PSV-655A

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Ideal for use in high foot-traffic areas, our frames are fabricated with heavy-duty steel and designed to withstand years of wear and tear. Whether you're working on a new construction project or renovating an existing one, our canopy scaffolding is the perfect solution for pedestrian areas like sidewalks and building fronts. With its clean lines and open design, our canopy scaffolding provides a safe and unobstructed passage for pedestrians while still giving you the stability and support you need for your work. So don't let construction get in the way of foot traffic – choose ScaffoldExpress.com for all your canopy scaffolding needs.

Weight: 58.41 lbs.
Made of High Quality Q235 Steel
Frame Leg: 1.69" (1-11/16")
Lock Type: Drop Lock
Wall Thickness: 0.095"
Drilled Hole: 45 degree
Top Lock: 8-1/2"
Finish: Powder Coat Blue
Product Code: PSV-655A

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