5' x 6' 4" V-Style Walk-Thru Scaffold Frame - PSV-661B

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If you need to construct a longer walkway for workers, consider using a ScaffoldExpress.com scaffold frame. Our 5'x6'4" V-style walk-thru scaffold frames are made from high quality steel and tested to ANSI/SAIA A11.1 standards. They're perfect for scaffold stair towers and can be used in all types of building sites. V-style frames come with V-Locks and 45 degree connectors for added safety and stability. Order your scaffold frame today from ScaffoldExpress.com!

Weight: 48.62 Lbs.
Made of High Quality Q235 Steel
Frame Leg: 1.69" (1-11/16")
Wall Thickness: 0.095"
Top Lock: 6"
Lock Type: V-Lock
Drilled Hole: 45 degree
Finish: Powder Coat Blue
Shipping Dimensions: 76" x 61.75" x 1.75"
Product code: PSV-661B

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