4' x 5' H.L. Shoring Frame - PSV-703AC
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Build Sturdy and Strong Shoring Structures with the 4' X 5' H.L. Shoring Frame


Looking for a heavy-duty shoring frame that can handle tough loads? Look no further than Scaffold Express. Our H.L. shoring frames are constructed from high-strength steel and rated for 10k per leg. They're also built to meet all OSHA and ANSI/SAIA A11.1 testing standards. Plus, our 4'x6' H.L shoring frames are perfect for load transfer and excavation projects. And, if you need to stack them with other shoring frames or combine them with standard scaffolding frames, no problem! Just use our shoring-to-scaffold coupler pins. So, when you need a reliable, heavy-duty shoring frame, trust Scaffold Express to deliver.