3' x 3' 1" W-Style Single Ladder Scaffold Frame - PSV-407AC

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ScaffoldExpress.com is proud to offer our W-style mason frames with Candy Cane Locks. These 90 degree coupling pin pinning holes are perfect for any construction project, and the red powder coat finish ensures extra durability. Our 3'x3'1" W-style single ladder scaffold frames are OSHA compliant and fabricated from only the highest quality steel. They're also stackable, so you can configure them to meet most construction specifications. Order your ScaffoldExpress.com mason frames today and get your construction project started on the right foot!

Weight: 20.5 lbs.
Made of High Quality Q235 Steel
Frame Leg: 1.25(1-5/8)
Wall Thickness: 0.090
Top Lock: 7
Lock Type: Candy Cane
Drilled Hole: 90
Finish: Powder Coat Red
Product Code: PSV-407AC

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